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discoveries of alone

first of all,
I own a paintbrush.

Which becomes a drumstick, from time to time.
Clean dishes make clearer music than dirty ones.

Skipping is an acceptable way to go to the grocery store, but not on the return trip.

Dancing in the kitchen is much more enjoyable with a dish towel as a partner.

Flowers mean just as much.

I don’t eat much; all the cookies are MINE.

Singing should not be reserved for showers alone.

the darkness minimizes reality.

A wag from the neighbor’s dog feels so good.

Steering my bike with my feet is just as cool as it was when I was nine.

Someone has to take the garbage out. Eventually.

Making forts is a good use of futon cushions and blankets, but not very comfortable to sleep in.

School playgrounds are special places on saturdays.

Being alone all the time does something to your ability to speak coherent sentences.

It's okay to take a taxi home if it's raining.
It's even better to walk home when it's raining.

bubbles can be made with the dish soap dispenser.

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