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Shadows flicker against my mind. A hint of panic somewhere, everywhere. I wake to the sound of demons twisting and howling in the basement below me. Their claws garb at my feet as I cross the living room on my way to face them. Scratching, tearing, they try their best. Their howls shatter my will. Their screams tear at my flesh. I see their eyes in my mind, they see me. We begin our duel, man vs. beast. I turn the corner, and begin down the steps to meet my fate. They lick their lips in anticipation. I hear their giggles, their small yips of delight as the moment draws near. I reach out, confident that my hand will meet its end before it can complete its appointed task, but it holds true and the light is on. I duck down against the wall, bracing for their impact. My eyes scour the room. I know their games, their trickery. They hide in the open and show themselves in hiding. But all is quiet. The light back off, I retrace my steps. Back into bed, back into sleep. The dreams return and so do the beasts. They wait for another chance. They're always there: waiting.
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