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I finally found something that explains it, D. I can't believe how perfect it is.

Fraires d'arma
Un jorn soi tombada dins lo cèl de ton agach
e ton arma a passat tras lo miralh de la meuna.
Ma nuòch s'es estelada.
Lo resson d'un mond besson a descobèrt un abís
… l'embriagant rescontre de doas armas sòrres.
Tròp parièras per s'aimar,
tròp parièras per s'endevenir indiferentas
Fraires d'arma.

Soul brothers
One day I fell into the sky of your glance
And your soul crossed the mirror of mine.
My night became full of stars.
The echo of a twin world unveiled an abyss
...intoxicating encounter of two sister souls.
Too similar for loving each other,
Too similar to be indifferent to each other.
Soul brothers

~Sylvie Berger
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