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I was just lurking elsewhere and thinking about this group of kids I went to high school with. I'm sure everyone had a similar group at their own school. Sometimes, I was on the edge of it myself. They were variously called punks or slackers or whatever, and they spent A LOT of time carefully crafting the impression that they didn't care about what anybody thought of their appearance. It must have taken hours to cultivate just the right wear on their dad's old flannel, get their hair just so, mussed perfectly, so that they could say, "Hey, I don't care about your authoritarian carp! My hair has got to be at least THREE INCHES over my collar!! No one could care less than I do! You're all sheep! HEY, LOOK WHAT I'M DOING NOW...I'm putting yet more duct tape on my Chucks!! That's what I think of you and your holier-than-thou ways! So there! Why don't you tell me what you think of that?!?

...As if I care!!"

I hope I grew out of that.
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