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Originally Posted by topcat
this board has not been the same since nyc outed the darkroom. i miss the old board.

but topcat you have precisely as much power as anyone else to make this place the way you'd like it to be.

instead of harping on about the darkroom and bemoaning other stuff that happened months ago, all that you (or anyone else who doesn't like the current flavour of the place) have to do to change it, is to begin creating threads and posting posts about stuff that interests you and might be interesting to others. try lots of different things. some of it'll work and you'll feel great, some of it won't and you'll feel daft. it doesn't matter. if nobody responds to your threads and posts, you'll either eventually give up and rethink how and why your threads and posts didn't bring about much response (maybe you won't care anyway though, if you were really passionate about them), or you'll keep on trying. and if you do keep on trying, then maybe other folk will eventually start liking and enjoying your stuff and they'll respond to it. then after that, maybe they'll start making some threads of their own - ones that'll you'll like because they're your cup of tea or "like the old board" whatever that was. of course, the new board-flavour that you'll eventually create in this way won't be to everyone's taste, but that's okay - that's how places like this work - as the song goes: "people they come together, people they fall apart" - so sure, eventually some will decide to move on, some will stay silent, and others'll hang around mainly just complaining bitterly about missing the "way things were". but the best bit of all is that maybe some of the lurkers out there who are watching us play, will like what they see so much that they'll sign up and become more bright, shiny and frrrresh n00bs and start posting great stuff all over the place, and.... hey presto - you'll have made the board just how you want it!! you want to change things back the way they were tc? it starts with you.

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