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Radical Jesus

What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus in a postmodern world?
As a Social Justice Christian (married to an agnostic/atheist), I'm frustrated that many of the audible Christian voices out there come off as judgmental, politically conservative, homophobic, not only promoting an unbridled consumption of resources, but in the process turning a blind eye on the poor and the marginalized in society.

I've never really felt right about discussing this in the "What Are Your Beliefs?" thread because it's really specifically not open for a discussion of Christian issues. And that other Tiki Stanley thread - well, for starters, it's misspelled!

Do you like what Jesus stands for, or even just the idea of trusting something bigger than yourself, but traditional/conservative organized religion doesn't quite do it for you? Talk about it here.

Got a beef? Talk about it here. Actual discussion as opposed to just letting Sam Harris speak for you is preferred though.

A rejection of organized religion can cut a person off from the benefits of prayer for specific concerns. I pray in the name of Jesus, and will take prayer requests from anyone of any faith or nonfaith. Once a month I meet with a group of people who get together to do nothing but pray and will take outside requests. It can be powerful at times. You can post them here, or you can pm me.

I'm no expert, and definitely no angel - just doing the best I can. If traditional Christians who are perfect in every way have a problem with my unsaintly behavior, language or earthy sense of humor, then please pray for me.
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