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Originally Posted by Smartypants
Why Jesus, ferchrissakes?
because the kid needs a name. i also like the philosophy of what jesus had to say and i just accept it as 'the word of jesus' although i'm sure he's not the only one who had these ideas in the past and if you want to give this philosophy a different name, i don't mind one bit. detached from religion and god. jesus must have been a very charismatic person or we wouldn't be talking about him 2000 years after his death. he also was a pretty bad nutcase and if you saw him standing at a streetcorner today, you would see him alone, without his 12 disciples. no one would give him the time of day.

in a way, that's a good thing because many people think for themselves and get on well without someone to lead them or post a fixed set of rules to live by. i also believe that this is what jesus tried to teach. i find it hard to believe that he ever intended his words to be interpreted by a bunch of selfish, greedy old men in robes to elect a brightly-dressed CEO who sits on his fat arse in rome and has the swiss guard chase the homeless a safe distance away from st. peters so they don't bother the tourists.
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