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thanks HF.

i agree that it is a special place, and i am trying to find a way to bring it back around.

Originally Posted by Hyakujo's Fox View Post

It's always been a little disconcerting to remember that this place that has become an essential part of the day continues to exist only through your goodwill. That you've run it as you have, even when your personal interests might have moved on, is something I am, and I think the vast majority of people here are genuinely grateful for. I can't contradict you if you feel the cost to yourself of running the board as it was, either in financial terms or in terms of arsepain, is no longer justified. But to me, it is disappointing that it should end because a small proportion of people are determined to give you a hard time, rather than through the place reaching the end of its natural life. I think it can have a lot of life in it yet if allowed, and new members are still arriving and are still finding the place to be both fun and intelligent, and they would seem to be the least biased observers. There's some great slow burning conversations in the debate hall too. So on the benefit side of the cost/benefit equation, I think there's as much justification as there ever was for this place to continue.

To some extent you're always going to be cast in the role of the absent parent, who isn't here to save us from each other and from ourselves, and be resented for it, sometimes quietly, sometimes loudly. Even though it's been clear we are expected to find our own solutions here, sometimes we can't, and on the internet, all arguments seem inevitably to degenerate into arguments about moderation. I think sometimes there's genuine frustration when people don't see a way to deal with a problem, as with a certain recent poster, and with other things too, and sometimes it must have it's out. I don't know, I think sometimes we need someone to tell us to get a grip, but we can only do that by dragging you in our problems, but then again we don't want to turn this into a chore for you.

Anyway I hope you can see your way to a change of heart on this, at some time at least. I gotta respect your opinion, but I felt as something of old timer, if not generation 0, I should be making a case for this place. In any event I think I'll be around as long as the fiction project has a life, and whatever Frieda's place can afford, I hope others will too.

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