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1. which 80's tv show do you hate most? why?
I was not in TV watching mode in the 80s so this is tough to answer.

2. what kind of perfume / after shave do you wear?
Lancome's Miracle.

3. coca cola or pepsi coke?
Diet Pepsi, Coke only if I can get it in the 10 oz. glass bottle.

4. what time do you usually want to go to bed on weekdays?

5. what time do you actually go to bed on weekdays?

6. which james bond movie is your favorite? why?
I am not fond of James Bond movies.

7. who do you think will play the next james bond, pierce brosnan again or maybe someone else?
(shrug) Pierce Brosnan suits the role OK for me.

8. blue mascara, hot or not?
Maybe navy. Otherwise forget it.

9. how many cooking pans do you have?
I dunno, a dozen?

10. what's your favorite song of the 90's?
I'd have to give it to Beck's Where It's At.
Because how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. -- Annie Dillard
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