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1. which 80's tv show do you hate most? why?
the golden girls - yeesh... what's funny about bea arthur?

2. what kind of perfume / after shave do you wear?
i have a bottle of old spice from about 1979 that i keep around to wear as a sort of olefactory joke. it hasn't changed it's aroma in all of those years.

3. coca cola or pepsi coke?

4. what time do you usually want to go to bed on weekdays?

5. what time do you actually go to bed on weekdays?
12:00 - 1:00am

6. which james bond movie is your favorite? why?
goldfinger - one quote "no, mr. bond, i expect you to die!" (also "i'm ***** galore." "well of course you are."

7. who do you think will play the next james bond, pierce brosnan again or maybe someone else?
i'd vote for ewan mcgregor

8. blue mascara, hot or not?
depends on the eye color.

9. how many cooking pans do you have?
3 cast iron skillets of various sizes. a cast iron griddle. one small and one large large calphalon omelette pan. one calphalon saute pan. two stock pots. two 2-quart sauce pans. one small sauce pan. an electric frying pan. a roasting pan. miscellaneaous baking pans.

10. what's your favorite song of the 90's?
possession - s. mclachlan
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