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The "Birthday Week x 2" went better than I expected. My mother only ran away on my watch once and was found only a block away. (I was back home in Indiana visiting) I met my newest coz - Jeremy 6 mos. and so cute!!!

And all of you - thank you for your bd wishes/thoughts/pix! They were the the icing/frosting/topping! Ysa - I am happy! It's been a good summer. Trish -I try to make it so! HF - so damn cool! Frieda - beautiful pix - h20 good!! Mojo-thank

xfox - WoW! Birthday Bed of Bloom!! Brynn - nude disc thrower or butt boy - you pick! Lunch is good! I could do the minnow munch and a nice toe color later!! AH a Spa! Steph - perfect color for my nails!! Coffee - ta! tc - humbled! Pearly - I like machines! Lukku - this is our bridge to positive thoughts!!

Thank you all again!!!
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