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comunal haikus

DIRECTIONS: okay, this is a little more complicated than the other stories. . .a haiku must follow the STRICT structure of syllables being 5-7-5 for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd lines of the haiku. . .here is an example:

i spilled break fluid
lets get some sucking action
and clean this darn floor

in this exercise, posting will be in groups of three--first person will submist one line with 5 syllables, second person will post a somewhat relevant line with 7 syllables, and the third person will finish that particular haiku off with a 5 syllable line. . .then it starts over with the next person and a brand new comunal haiku. . .to make things easier, put a number (1 2 or 3) to state which line we are on. . .

got it? GOOD. . here goes the first line:

1. life is like baked beans
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