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The craving...

9:37 PM, It's dark out - I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out. The pain has been ripping apart my stomach like a cat plays with its food, taunting...taunting. It has been two hours since...but the hunger calls, I must satisfy it: sacrifice. Yes thats it. Sacrifice is the only way to apease it, damn it all to Hell!
I should never have left my Goldfish on the counter.

Alright I got that out of my system
I need help. I'm getting a tattoo, that is all I have decided. The what and where are left to negotiation. I'm really against all this cliche bs I see everywhere, skeletons, butterflies, suns, moons, pin up girls, favorite tv shows/cartoons, I cant even rep my belief in the cross. All of these symbols have lost meaning due to overuse. Its like the arguement against violent games, violence has lost meaning to children because its commonsight.

I'm well aware that human thought is by nature unoriginal. All technology stems from natural processes, we simply use things already created as lego pieces to make something that is 'original'.
I want to go old school with this tattoo. I considered the Om symbol on the left for my forearm or hand. If not that, then the other for my back(but then I can't see it which is part of the point, as a reminder of who I was and who I am becoming)

I want this tattoo to represent my ideals of wisdom, love, mercy, knowledge, and honesty...

Any ideas?
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