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Somebody stole my cheese
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Dear Hong Kong people-

Less is more when it comes to fashion. You should not wear a bright flower print bandana on your head when you're in a suit. You should not buy expensive brown cropped pants and cream sweaters and then wear them with ancient birkenstocks and extra large black socks. Please stop adding that last little touch (too much) so that I can ride the subway without cringing. I keep getting haircuts for the head massage. It's getting expensive and my hair is getting very short. Thanks

The disturbed looking girl on the subway.

Dear girls on my floor-

Tuna fish hot pot is not ok. Stop it. Stop it now.

Love, the one with the plugged nose.
We are, of course, now living in what George W. Bush has called the "era of personal responsibility": if a child chooses to have parents who can't afford health care, that child will have to accept the consequences.
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