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Tune in Saturday evening/Sunday morning from 12am-2am Eastern Standard Time for another installment of the Union Bitch Talk Show.

The topic discussed will be: ELF & ALF: We sure as hell ain't talking about cute little pointed earred beings who help old lard ass up at the North Pole nor are we talking about a hairy alien from outer space schlepping a 10-10 commercial.

We're talking about those whackos from the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front. We'll talk about some of their exploits, and whether you're a whack...I mean agreeable to their way of thinking.

To participate on air, you will need to follow the instructions found on my DJ Page

If you have Winamp and just want to listen to the show rather than participate:

If you're on dialup, click here.

If you have a cable, DSL or other high bandwidth modem, click here.

If you don't have Winamp, Go to this page and click the [color=royal blue]online popup player link[/color]. Make sure you accept the pop up or disable your pop up killer so that you can hear the broadcast.

I hope to see you then
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