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first, two comments...then two of mine...

noxxville - that was awesome. you sure were a smart twelve year old

dv8 - hon, that was awesome. the imagry alone...yowza


intrigued by she sound of castonettes
echoing through the city streets
excited children run to windows
peek through closed drapes
the cobblestone streets are lined with fire and flowers
ignoring the spectacle of color is impossible
the air is alive and bustling with ritual
rustling with vigor
eyes are alight with each glimpse of magic
tension is enigmatic yet enthralling
alighting curiosity
people flock to the streets
driven to be alive
men tip their hats and women move their hips
music plays
voices laugh
smiles glow
the sun is forgotten
the night hums into existence
sings people into movement
people dance like fireworks against the night sky
the children whisper and giggle to one another


Aurora Borealis
like the tie-dyed cotton mumu
resting softly on her shoulders
the dark soft-colored fabric
flowing down around her ankles
the sky is dark and rich with
sky-lit fantasy for miles
and all I can seem to do is stop and stare

the stars like paper beads
against the color-washed thin cotton
hang above the ground in fashion
as do the beads around her neck
the moon is barely hidden
just behind the gentle colors
like her tiny frame is hidden 'neath the gown

and I am overtaken
by the dancing in the sky
as are the people gathered 'round her
watching every step she takes
I am caught up in the life of night
it holds my captive mind
and her sandals clatter further down the street
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