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Yes, I wasn't thinking current educators as they exist now. I was thinking us.

And I know about what has come in schools already (to dubious success all over). I am talking about a whole and completely digital environment that has a new focus for the new age.

But I agree wholly that the educators will need to be educated from both sides of the digital divide.

I think it is not only possible but that it will happen. More and more though, I do not think this grant, though enough money to start space and demonstrate efficacy, is not enough to put the idea into full practice unless some very special people donate expertise and time. More time than is available to get everyone on the same page.

The deadline is October 15 of this year. If I were writing a grant for it, I would need that time just for that process.

I appreciate that you read it though!
Forgive me now. You have no idea how much time it will save.

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