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Thanks guys. I know that is not me as Long Beach, CA, would need to have the break wall torn down to return it to its former glory of having waves like that again. I hopw one day, you will see a picture of me riding a similar wave like that in the LBC. Untill then Surfrider has its work cut out for them. My birthday was a great day. My wife and I went surfing together on a good day for a change. Usually if we get someone to watch Jake for us, the surf will be crappy, but it was really good and all my friends were out in the water too with out to many others crowding it up. After we surfed, my freinds took me to lunch at Super Mex. In the evening, we dropped Jake off at another friends house (both have kids Jakes age and he had fun too) and Grace to me out for Sushi. Oh yum, I love Sushi. The best part of the day was the morning when I woke to Jake bouncing on me yelling "Happy Birthday, Daddy".
Added bonus was the day before, my partner and I was commissioned to work by Surfline to cover a local contest. A first for us and even better was that they came to us. It was nice to get paid for doing what we already was going to do.
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I asked for Eddy to have all the photo credits even if they used some of mine which they did (photos 1, 3, and 5)
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