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waaaaaaa :)
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There is nothing so beautiful as a sliced apple, well, but,
maybe it's not like pouring molasses in the winter,
for it creates renewed liveliness,
which may lead to simple, yet intriguing insights:
"Ah ha! Carrots are orange!"

There are other things to consider, more complex, though
six of the best five thinkers of our time are sitting up late in the farcical yes no fast fast slow world on their collective pompous arse and claim:
"Nobody licks a teaspoon like Nigella."
Disparity among all intellectuals is not necessarily economic,
yet the more rare and wonderful you are, ...etc. you wish for exactly that kind of entertainment.

I'm going to spraypaint "all of your internets are belonging to us!" now
on the highest tower of the world - see you later.
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