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this looks a little different without the right spacing...

she lives in dreams
of lonely men
who hide their eyes
from the light
palming green
pausing for a brush of flesh

girls with closed eyes
over a wall of mirror
against a pole

she wears blue
fish skin
like false water
it clings to her breasts
heavy with alcohol
bought by strangers
sucked dry
on the rocks

her arm is around my back
neon ripping at her hair
tearing at her smile

gillter on her eyes
flashes from the chasing lights
reflects upon her mirrored eyes
hiding the fractured glass
that traps her
deep inside

poised over coffee
over years
she had talked about tomorrow
and now
drifting faintly above the din
she speaks in slurs
about the private party
at her apartment

a bark
from a heavy man
and she says she has to go

i feel her skin
almost frictionless
against my cheek
and with a quick kiss
she tells me she misses me and
"i'll call"

if she rememebers my number
if she remembers me.


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