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Uh, that's not really the whole story. That article seems a bit biased, in that it leaves out that the girl had been in the principal's office for over an hour as the principal tried to calm her down. She refused to calm down, making a mess of the principal's office, tearing down bulletin boards, striking and punching the principal, climbing up on tables, and being completely uncontrollable.

When the office tried to contact her mother, the mother said she couldn't come pick her up at that time.

The principal tried to restrain her, but the kid was going nuts. What more could the principal do but call the cops - any further action on her part would definitely have resulted in the principal being sued personally. When the cops got there, she still wouldn't chill out, so they handcuffed her. Good for them. It's not like they pepper sprayed her. The kid needed a serious lesson in respecting authority.

This is a perfect example of what happens when you get an unruly, undisciplined child, whose mother is prepared to sue when her child's behavior goes too far and school officials, who are totally unprepared to deal with this kind of thing precisely for fear of being sued are forced to call the police.

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