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Originally posted by nycwriters
In the context of this discussion .. the harsh reality is that some weaker animals will be consumed for all kinds of purposes .. from testing makeup to finding a cure for cancer. That's life....

They do even harsher things to animals when searching for a cure for cancer. Are you suggesting that should be abandoned when there are no other options for feesibility studies?
i am well aware that the example i provided is only one of many, many methods in which we torture and abuse animals for our purposes. you say "that's life". i say that is exactly the kind of "life" organizations such as ALF are trying to change. i for one, do not accept that life should be that way. change is possible, if not always easy (or pretty) to achieve.

if you really want my opinion (and you are not going to like it), i don't believe animals should be used in medical research. period. they are living beings just like us, and their lives are worth as much as ours (actually i believe they are worth more, since i have little respect for the greed and ugliness of the human race). so no, (gasp) i don't believe we have the right to experiment on animals. if there are currently no other options, then we need to find them. if we can't find them, too bad for us. i will not contribute to any organization that funds research using animals.

and here's the part you are really not going to like. remember my question about population control in humans ? what do you think cancer is ? disease is the only way nature has of controlling the human race as we have no other natural predator. if we cure cancer and aids, to what ridiculous levels will our numbers grow ? how will we feed ourselves (we can't do it now) ? how much more will we need to take from this planet ? instead of curing diseases that will allow us to live longer, i think we should be researching methods of reducing our numbers.

told you you weren't going to like it.
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