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Originally posted by catbelly
Or, destroy through boycotting and media exposure? Without the recourse to violence? I am totally for that.
well my personal methods are using as much as i can that isn't tested on animals, and sending money to organizations that work on media exposure and lobbying. i don't send money to a.l.f., and don't know if i would, but i do support p.e.t.a., and they do some controversial things too. when all's said and done, nothing anyone is doing is enough. animals are still being wiped off the face of this earth in alarming numbers by the human race, and i can understand the anger that some people feel at not being able to change that.
Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we have not stopped to include violence as an option in our conflict management, we are still savages.
--Thomas A. Edison
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