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Originally posted by catbelly
What do you think about positive changes that have been made? For example, Draize testing (where they put whatever goop in a rabbit's eye to see if it's irritating - HELLO) used to be common, now I'm under the impression that it's not used at all - that the same results can be gathered using a cell culture (not involving live animals). Do you recognize that things are getting better, even if they're not the way you want them to be?
yes, things are getting better, but far too slowly. the Draize test is just one of hundreds, perhaps thousands, that the human race has dreamed up. every week, i get literature about things that make my stomach turn, make me cry, make me hate. the fact that animals are raised for the express purpose of torture and abuse makes me want to puke. and it's not just in the scientific industry, it's in the food industry. and there is no accountablility, because in the eyes of most, animals simply DON'T MATTER. and changes to these practices are heavily opposed by the industries that are making billions and can well afford to find alternate methods. they spend their money instead paying lawyers and politicians to make laws that protect them and their evil practices.

sometimes, passive methods just aren't enough. some things are just too ugly to stand by and watch.
Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we have not stopped to include violence as an option in our conflict management, we are still savages.
--Thomas A. Edison
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