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Thurs. 18th

Just got back on the yacht after golfing ashore with Fidel Castro, Jimmy Carter and Christina Aguillera. I managed to clean up, despite Fidel's cheating, Jimmy's foul language and Chrissy's excellent short game.
Jeeves always tries to get me to answer the telegrams that come in daily, while I sip my Courvoisier and relax. He draws my bath, but why he wants 75 sketches of a bathtub is beyond me (chortle, chortle - small joke).
Tossed the pleas from Arafat over the side, and only bothered to get off a quick reply to accept the invitation of Ms Sophia Loren to attend her naked bingo soiree later this month. Well it is for charity....

Blast and drat it, those pesky Nolans have managed to clog the propeller with their string bikini tops, again.
I think a spanking is in order, and off to bed without a game of twister for those young minxes.......
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