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Most of us don't get enough sleep. "As the world is getting faster and crazier, I've noticed sleepers around the streets, just everywhere," writes photographer Romain Philippon. "Of course, I also see some poetry and dreamings in all of that, but the contrast is so interesting to me, people trying to escape to their condition…" Philippon is self-publishing a book on the topic called "Inconscience". The first eight photographs in this entry are from that book. Collected here as well are more photographs of people everywhere lucky enough to find a few winks. -- Lane Turner (32 photos total)

i viewed these (v see below) images the other day and the one that stuck with me was #12 I found myself that night in bed (before sleeping ) inventing scenarios for the
of his (her?) life in my head and now three or four days later it is still going on....

it is sortof fun
give it a try why don't you
From stone tablets to html code, it's not lost on me.

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