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Originally Posted by Brynn
Omg, what a great thread!

Jack (or anybody who knows - don't want to overload her supremeness with idiotic questions, but unfortunately, those are the only kind of gardening ones I have ) - so what's the deal with roses?

I've got some climbing roses - do they benefit from radical pruning in Feb. like other rose bushes? Or will I be really really sorry?

I'm zone 7-8 Pacific Northwest and it's pretty dry in the summer. Water those babies every day? Right now they get it twice a week and are not thrilled.

Do the yellow leaves w/ black spots on them mean not enough water or is that some sort of fungus that I need to buy some kind of medication for?
I've got a climbing rose in my tiny back yard that I prune in April but then I also live in New Jersey. If people in your area do the pruning in Feb. then probably that's when you should do it. Don't cut it way back. Is it next to a fence or side of the house? I try to shape mine in a flat sort of hoizontal branching pattern -espalier- since I don't have a lot of room right there.

Do you compost? If not get some humus and incorporate into soil around the plants. This should help hold moisture for the plants to use and keep the need for daily watering down.

Roses are susceptible to a lot of diseases including "black spot." Go to your local nursery/garden center and take some leaves to show them what your problem is. Hopefully, you'll find an employee who knows something about roses. Good luck!! Many times, I've gone to a nursery for my own plant shopping gratification and end up helping the hapless plant shoppers sort out their problems because of the f*ckin' morons that work there who don't know anything about plants.

(P.S.) We spent a week recently in Maine. It was the beginning of the heat wave, so it actually reached the 90's up there, too. Spent many an hour neck deep in the lake!!! It was glorious!!!
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