I received an email from a woman named Laura, who had recently moved to a new city for a new job.

She was overwhelmed with anxiety and asked me to write her a song to help her calm down.

I asked her to send me an email describing what it felt like when she was overwhelmed.

I asked her to tell me what kinds of thoughts went through her mind when she was anxious.

I wrote a sketch of a chorus and quietly asked some people in my audience to record themselves singing along while wearing headphones. Here is the sketch I sent them:

I received about thirty recordings. Here are some examples of what people sent to me:

But this was my favorite:

I mixed the tracks together (w/o any pitch correction) to create the chorus. Here is a sample of just the female voices mixed together:

While I worked on the song and collected more voices, Laura thought I had forgotten about her.

I sent the final song to her in an email before releasing it to the public.

She liked it :)

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Just Breathe.