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"CANDY" - June to August
The first day 60 theme was chosen by placing 15 words in a hat and selecting one at random.

"CANDY FROM A BABY" by Chris Phoenix

Media 100, Photoshop


"UNTITLED" by Brian Oakes

Media 100, After Effects, Sony TRV 50 MiniDV


"CANDY GIRL" by zefrank

SONY VX2000 Digital Video Camera, Velbon VideoMate 607 tripod, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Reason, Digital Performer 3

actors: zefrank, jody brandt

music: "Candy Girl" by zefrank.


"SUCKERS" by Matt Nuzzi

Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator


"SHINE" by Jeff Prybolsky/ Brett Simon

Canon XL1s and 20 minutes of battery, Final Cut 3, After Effects 5.5, Ring Pop, Lemonheads

actors: James Kotulka, Jill Twardowski

music : Shine Like It Does by INXS