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"CRYING IN PUBLIC" - December to February
Dislocations was the title of the 50th gallery listing in NYTimeOut magazine. 50 people were in attendance when the theme was chosen. (11 submissions)
Crying in Public: Brian Oakes

Tools: Sony TRV-51 Mini DV, After Effects, Photoshop, Media 100

Description: I love cow, hog and cock. But what price is paid for a juicy piece of meat. Tailored after the look and body cringing feel of Pleix's Beauty Kit, this set of three movies is about the animals we love to butcher and the people who love to eat them.

Crying in Public: ze frank

Tools:SONY VX2000 MiniDV, Photoshop, iMovie, AfterEffects, SparkME

Description: After my original idea fell through, i had about a week to make a film.I shot a bunch of footage of graffiti around my neighborhood and superimposed textured images of people crying using the tracking feature in after effects. I used a bunch of different techiniques to transition according to the sound track: "Backward Sucking" by Massive Attack vs Mad Professor.


Crying in Public: Jenny Woo

Tools: Sony DSC-F505V, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash

Description: I really wanted to come up with a tight concept for this theme, as it was a bit challenging for me when we first got it. I focused on the "public" aspect; thinking about it in pertinent but perhaps not immediately obvious terms. Once the idea of chat rooms, message boards, emails, etc came to me, the rest flowed easily. "Crying" now has a place, and I can explore the visceral aspect of it. On a technical note, I should learn After Effects and get a video camera already.

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