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"DISLOCATIONS" - October to December
Dislocations was the title of the 30th gallery listing in NYTimeOut magazine. 30 people were in attendance when the theme was chosen.
Dislocations: Chris Franzese

Tools: Canon GL2 camera, iMovie

Description: Continuing my tradition of the late start, I began by once again by throwing out 50 days worth of ideas. I ultimately shot a little over two hours of anything movement-related passing my lens during the Thanksgiving holiday travel weekend. Using iMovie for the first time, I edited the final 2 min piece in about 6 hours. 'Image stabilization' doesn't work in a car.

Dislocations: Brian Oakes

Tools: Sony TRV 51 Mini DV, Azden WR2-PRO wireless mic, After Effects, Photoshop, Media 100

Description: I set up a tripod and shot all my footage on a white wall. This was to enable the compositing I wanted to do in After Effects look better and more realistic. I wanted to make a tennis ball look like it was placed in mid air and stay there as well as being bounced around like a hackey sack for an unlikely amount of time. Something I clearly couldn't do without the help from this box I sit in front of all day. I am a nerd.


Dislocations: Brandon Bell

Tools: canon optura100mc, tripod, adobe premiere+after effects, dell inspiron8000/win2k, various sound programs
Music: "Jet" by Radian

Description:Shot almost entirely in Grand Central Station, this piece is mostly a formal & contextual exploration of the theme "dislocations". Overall, I wanted to acheive a creepy feeling of disconnection using elements from a place that was all about locating, re-locating, dis-locating. A few random elements were shot with crazy kitchen lighting and then superimposed over the GSC timeline in After Effects to reinforce this idea of disconnection. The music played a huge part in the final construction of the piece--it was a perfect complement to the idea I was experimenting with, so the video ended up reacting to the audio in an almost music-video kind of way.

Dislo-breakin: Matt Nuzzi
Prizelswitch Day: Jeff Sadowsky, Harold Yen

Desrcription: Do you remember the last time you were Prizelswitched? You may never have heard of Prizelswitch Day, but that doesn't mean you should take it lightly. See what happened to Jerry when he violated the sacred traditions of Prizelswitch Day.

Production Notes: Sony PD-100a Final Cut Pro 3 Digital Performer 3
Dislocations: Chris Phoenix
Dislocations: Jeff Prybolsky

Dislocations (The making of a digital puppet): zefrank

Tools: Flash MX, Sony VX2000 DV Cam, After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere

Dislocations gave me the idea to try and program a Flash application that would control a virtual puppet based on changes in a mp3 track's eq levels. Because the end product was a real time Flash piece I had to film my computer screen to demonstrate the results.