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"INSIDE" - August to October
Inside was the first noun of the first headline on page 17 of the Daily News on Day 60.
inside by brandon bell

Tools: canon optura100mc, tripod, adobe premiere+after effects+illustrator+photoshop, large format color printer, large roll of acetate, cheap-o action figure, sickly green ford escort, dell inspiron8000/win2k, various sound programs
Music: Four Tet

Description: I hate the feeling of being held down--of being trapped inside something that doesn't allow movement. It's less a fear of being locked up as it is a fear of being helpless and immobile. This narrative explores this idea from the vantage point of a packaged action figure. Thanks to Josh for help with the supa-sized print-out.
"Fins" by Matt Nuzzi

tools: Sony TRV-950 DV Cam, Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop, Dave Nuzzi's MAC G4

actors: Dave Nuzzi, FINS the fish

Music: The Weight of my Words by Kings of Convenience
"Lucky" by Brian Oakes

tools: Sony TRV50 digital video camera, After Effects, Media 100, Photoshop

actors: me, Hannah and Danielle's dog Baxter

description: This was my first attempt at a narrative piece. I didn't end up having enough time to do the complete story as I wanted but it was enough. In another attempt to get the video away from the "digital" look, I tweeked the levels and upped the saturation. I plan on continuing to explore options like these. This movie took a total of about 5 days to shoot and about 3 weeks of post.
"Inside" by Jenny Woo

Tools: Sony DSC-F505V, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash

Description: Not in possession of a video camera, I decided to try and string together a series of stills to mimic naturalistic movement. I did a test run and imported the photos into Flash. It worked! Music was very important to this piece. I used the track I was addicted to at the moment, “Alcahue 7340” by Ric y Martin. The beat reinforced the pacing. I decided then to synchronize the whole thing with some hand-drawn (in Flash) animation sequences to tie it all together.
Inside: Chris Franzese

Tools: SONY VX2000 Digital Video Camera, Velbon VideoMate 607 tripod

Description: Borrowing a camera and tripod on day 58, most of my original ideas were right out. I settled for making a video about three of the ideas I couldn't do. Because I had no editing software as well as no time, all edits were made in camera. Reewind!

"Inside" by zefrank

tools:Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Digital Performer, SoundEdit, Shure SM58 Microphone, Motu 828, Sony VX2000 camera.

actors: me.

description: the entire piece is a monologue based on the discovery of my very first hemmerhoid. Most of the film is a close crop on my head. The VX2000 mic was picking up way too much background noise so I ended up simultaneously recording audio through the 828 and then synching up the tracks later on.