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"RED_ALERT" - November to January
REDALERT was found on a poster in the mens room in halcyon. 4 films were submitted with 38 people in attendance

Michael Sean Kaminsky - "The Red Alert" with H. Fitzpatrick, R. Miller, A. Piotrowski

tools: Tibook w. Final Cut Pro 3, PD150 with (rented) anamorphic adaptor

notes: Just do it!


Thomas Sullivan - "Danger Man" with ...




Celina Lara - "Red Alert" with M.S. Blake, G. Costanzo, N. Vitulli

tools: Sony viewcam, I-movie

notes: Creativity is is contagious. It is the reason I wanted to join Day 60. Enlist the help of friends and family. Thanks to my sister, my friends/fellow actors, and Scotty, for generously lending me his video cam. Also a warm thank you to my fellow co-workers at Soho Studios for your support and encouragement.


zefrank - "Excerpt from Red Alert" - watch it here

tools: SONY VX2000 digital camera, iMovie, Spark ME

notes: filming this movie exclusively in my apartment allowed me to build this movie scene by scene. Rather than filming all at once, bringing in all the takes and sifting through them, I imported each take as soon as I liked it, edited it and moved on to the next.