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"SPOTLIGHT" - February to April
Spotlight was found on a random flyer in halcyon. 10 films were ssubmitted with 64 people in attendance
Brandon Bell - "Spotlight"

tools: canon optura100mc mini dv, tripod, pen light, adobe premiere+after effects, dell inspiron8000/win xp

Music: Vladislav Delay

Description: After abandoning three or four previous concepts for a variety of annoying reasons, I set up a tripod on my bathroom sink and shot the whole thing in pitch black with a tiny pen light for a light source. After Effects provided the necessary filters and color controls to get the right negative-ish aesthetic. (Pulling it off as a mostly black video seemed too obvious & easy.)

Tiara Delgado - Untitled


Jenny Woo - "I See You"

Description: A beutifully rendered animation sequence.


Shannon Carpenter - "Spotlight"


Candace Feit - "Picking Up the Bunny"


Ze Frank - "Spotlight"

tools: Sony Vx2000 MiniDV Cam, iMovie

Description: An improvised movie about improvisation.

James Kotulka - "Amalgamolm" (the "o" has an umlaut)

Matt Nuzzi - "Ham"


Brett Simon and Jeff Prybolsky - "fire/rain"

Description: Music Video