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The Wish :: lybwnbc

The creation of all media is accompanied by a wish: to experience and to be experienced by another human mind. Above all this means to feel and to be felt.


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All I can say is... word.


yes yes

I agree, to an extent. The fact of the matter is that a lot of people create media with a wish of gaining social capital. That's because their brains give them a little nugget of delicious, delicious dopamine when they do something like that. The way that some other people's brains work, they get that little nugget of dopamine (or whatever electrochemical wowie sauce that it happens to be, most likely a cocktail) when they connect with people. Still other people might get it when they create for the sake of creation. (frankly, a combination of all of the above is most likely the case in most people.) The reason that you get the mental scooby snacks is because the lizard part of your brain is trying to reward behavior that'll do things that concern lizards: namely staying alive to make lil' lizards, making aforementioned lil' lizards, and then keeping them lil' buggers alive. (oh, but replace the word lizard with baby. Otherwise this could get confusing.) Now, if we all were clones, we'd probably get the same level of joy from the same activities. Since we are all different in some ways, and all the same in others, we tend to get some delicious brain treats from slightly different things. This applies, incidentally, to everything that we do. In the context of media creation, there are an infinite (well, a big number at least) of reasons for people to do stuff, all based on their brain chemistry, their environment, their background, and the way that they choose to interpret all of the above. There's a lot more to be said on this particular subject, but I'll just leave it at this: blanket statements tend to do what blankets do. They may cover everything, but they may extinguish stuff, too. (stuff like ideas!) For you personally and those that feel similarly, the creation of all media is accompanied by that wish, but for others the wish might be to seem tender and sensitive so chicks will think they are hot, or to get paid, or a wide variety of other things. Some might call it hackery to have such those kinds of wishes, but it's still all just responding to the brain candy.

I had a point here somewhere, but I seem to have lost it in the highfalutin-soundin' rhetoric. Oh well, at least it was fun to type!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there a section somewhere in the LYBWNBC that says

"All cats without proper names shall be known as 'Annie'"

I could've sworn it did.


Feeling and being felt is what makes us human - a human with no social bounceback isn't really human.


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