Common responses from people who dislike this project:

"This is condescending and arrogant."

I understand how it might be taken that way, but that is not the intention.

"The statistics are wrong. It should be 53 to 46, and you leave out the 1% that voted for third party candidates"

I apologize for this, and recognize the title is flawed.

"Where were you eight years ago?"

I can't speak for anyone in the photos, but I had voted for a losing candidate and feared that the elected admisitration and those who voted for it would not listen to me. I honestly do not know how I would have reacted to this project had it been started by someone on the right.

"It's easy to do this when you win."

I agree. Because of that I have overwhelming respect for those McCain supporters and third party voters that have contributed to this project. This has to start somewhere.

"You have got to be kidding, after eight years of insults all of a sudden you want to sing kum-ba-yah?"

I have received nearly identical versions of this comment from the left and the right. Both sides feel that they have been victimized for the last eight, sixteen years; in some cases their entire lives, by insults and attacks. In addition both sides feel that their position is fact, while the other side's is illusion. Personally I believe that this is because the fringes have dominated our discourse, and that we are disproportionately exposed to the worst voices of those who disagree with us.

"Go f* yourself, kiss my a*, etc... I will treat you with the same respect that you have shown me"

Understood. This is the cycle that has to be broken.

"We have nothing in common, we are an irreversibly divided country"

I hope not.

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