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12.22 i love you Lisa You're a survivor.

12.21 i love you Izis because I can't imagine and don't want a life without you.

12.21 i love you Andy You make me laugh when I am lost in my pain.

12.21 i love you Ray the way you feel, the way you smell, your 3 hour phone calls in the middle of the night, all that you've taught me, and because I know that you don't love me back

12.15 i love you Anja Du er så dejlig

12.14 i love you Mom because no matter what you are there for me.

12.13 i love you ty because you've helped me become a better person.

12.12 i love you Mom You are the strongest woman I know. I don't know what I would do without you.

12.12 i love you Mara You are the delight of my heart, and I adore you more each day.

12.11 i love you David you are amazing

12.10 i love you Aisha you make me feel like i'm someone who doesn't need to lie.

12.10 i love you Nelia I acuatlly found this more entertaining than James Joyce.

12.10 i love you Shari because you are a wonderful person, even when things aren't so wonderful. Please remember how many people love you.

12.10 i love you Olivia Great stuff, you hleped me out so much!

12.10 i love you Lolly Haha. I woke up down today. You've ceehred me up!

12.10 i love you Chelsi Which came first, the problem or the solution? Luckily it doesn't mtater.

12.10 i love you Ashley you are the light that guides my way

12.10 i love you Adrien because you helped me see a reason to hold on when I was ready to let go

12.06 i love you miranda because you find the weird things about me cute and your smile still gives me butterflies even after over two years.

12.06 i love you Ashley because you have never stopped being there for me. because you believe in me when i don't believe in myself. you were my best friend when that was all we are, and you are still my best friend while we are so much more. thank you for every single moment.

12.06 i love you Ashley You are always there, through every bad day, and every period of self discovery. For being my best friend before we started dating, and for never stopping.

12.04 i love you Sam, I am for always making sure that I know no matter what, you will always love me, and will always kiss my forehead.

12.04 i love you Zachary Michael You are always there for me during my extremely happy times, and when I crash down in an emotional spiral.

12.03 i love you al i son! for so many reasons. but mostly for loving me for who i am

12.03 i love you Chuck I couldn't fathom someone as perfect as you and now I marvel at the very.

12.03 i love you Ozren you're my everything

12.03 i love you Christina because you make everything wonderful.

11.29 i love you Eric You're a great person

11.29 i love you Amy you're a survivor!

11.29 i love you Kat because you've always been that special talented person with enough passion to fuel your very life forward. Never stop following your dreams.

11.29 i love you Tatiana because you're you.

11.29 i love you Julia because you're you.

11.29 i love you Kemp Because sometimes you just need to hear it.

11.29 i love you Lana Because you're a tough girl who can get through anything once you convince yourself to.

11.27 i love you candace because you are the genuine you. kind, fun, smart, cheerful, tender, beautiful, capable, nurturing, loving, complex, strong, resilient, and so much more. you have always been a great friend.

11.26 i love you thomas i'm a better person when i'm with you because you inspire the best in me. i'm so glad to know you.

11.26 i love you Mar Irene you feel me up with laughter and have always inspired me to do and be my best- you can do and be anything you want in this world!!!! MAY YOUR LIFE BE FULL OF JOY, LOVE AND LAUGHTER! don't ever forget how great you are and everything amazing you have done.xox

11.26 i love you Beth you ALWAYS come from a kind and caring place

11.26 i love you Keith cause that's where it should start.

11.26 i love you Christie Palmer Because you deserve it.

11.26 i love you Mother because you are my mother. it would be silly if i don't

11.20 i love you Kathryn B. Because you are very kind.

11.19 i love you Sean You are my rock, my stability, my Earth. You are my tether that keeps me grounded as I try to find myself in the heavens. You are the home I always return to and always will. You are my constant. You are my one.

11.21 i love you Brian just because you're you

11.13 i love you Emme You are there for me even though we don't see each other as much as we should. You listen when i talk and you always make me feel better. You are fun and a great friend.

11.13 i love you Wynnie You're my papillon. I miss you so much, and the days when we are apart, I die a little inside, just waiting for you to come back and heal me. I love you so much, this is my present for you.

11.12 i love you Doug Liu because you want to be a rock star even though you are 50, and because you give the dog too many treats, and because you make sure I have the newspaper every morning, and because you make sure your boy has his breakfast and lunch, and because you climb mountains with your girl, and because you take us all for walks, plus for lots of other reasons. :)

11.12 i love you Joe Donnelly because you are loveable

11.12 i love you Nathan because you always try your very hardest to succeed, but I want you to know that I would love you just as much even if you failed

11.13 i love you Emma because you know how to not always say what you are thinking, especially when it is not nice, because you are able to think about the big picture, and not just about yourself--You are very wise!

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