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11.12 i love you Josh You are so amazing and I wish you wouldn't move to a different state!!! I just wish that you liked me like I like you!

11.12 i love you Emily because you're this amazing, kind, beautiful, strong, tender, brave angel who can do anything. You make people happy, and feel worthy of love and of happiness. You are the funniest, the wisest and the loveliest, and you are worthy of love and happiness and kindness.

11.09 i love you Anna you can do anything that you dream

11.09 i love you Jane because you are always there for me and you are always working hard to improve yourself. don't ever forget how great you are and everything amazing you have done. i'm pretty sure you will always have the wonderful mind of a child and i love you for that.

11.08 i love you MELENE because you make me laugh so hard that I lose various liquids out my nose. KEEP EM COMIN. I just woke up from a nap, so this may not make sense. P.S. I don't think this has ever actually happened but U R DA BEAST DEARIE DEER DOE A DEER A FEMALE DEER.....ETC.

11.07 i love you Amanda You win $ you lose $ <3 No one man should have all that pokemon!! U da beast, gurl!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

11.07 i love you Katie You are an amazing best friend.

11.06 i love you j and h my heart beats in you.

11.05 i love you sayang you are always make me thinking of you eveytime.. . ^_^

11.05 i love you Johnny Thank you for actually trying so hard to keep us together despite distance + time difference. We don't have to talk everyday, not everything has to be perfect. But whatever happens, we've made it really far already, so hey: Happy 700th day today (:

11.05 i love you Kelli You are my life.

11.05 i love you JP You still make my heart skip a beat after all of these years together :)

11.05 i love you Danie-Rae Your amazing? XD

10.30 i love you Mom I know you're having a hard time with your addiction, but we can get you help. I need you. My brother and sister need you. Don't end it. You are loved.

10.24 i love you beautiful I miss you, I just wanted you to know that someone out there misses you.

10.24 i love you a just because of who you are and what you do. you allow me to be myself without without effort, for that and so much more i love you

10.22 i love you Mom You taught me how to be the best me I can be! You showed me that life is rough but worth every second of it. I will never be able to communicate to you the depth of my love for you! <3

10.22 i love you DS You're the only person I want to see every day and every night.

10.22 i love you Gran i think you don't hear it enough from us.

10.19 i love you THE LORD because.

10.18 i love you Brenda You are such an amazing person and you always make me laugh and smile. I'm glad to know you.

10.17 i love you Sam There aren't very many people who can show such kindness. You've got a heart of gold and a smile that can light up a room.

10.16 i love you universe i know things look bleak right now, and they have for a long time, but i also know that will change. i know you aren't benevolent, but you aren't spiteful either. you just... are.

10.16 i love you zach because there are so few people in this world who care so genuinely and completely for others the way you do. you are an absolute wonder to behold. i truly do love you with every fiber of my being.

10.16 i love you Peter because you make me laugh and it's like you don't know how great you are.

10.16 i love you Trucker You are the best dog in the whole wide world. On Earth, because Petey was tied for best and she just died. We miss her.

10.16 i love you dad because you've always been my hero

10.16 i love you mom mom

10.16 i love you lena you're amazing

10.16 i love you sophia I just do. And I know that you don't know who this is, but I promise you I don't mean it in a creepy way or anything. I love you because you are perfect and kind and sweet and I appreciate you and never, ever change. You're amazing.

10.16 i love you maysam hard work

10.16 i love you God because you lead me, and forgive.. and protect. Also I love YOU for keeping me sane now

10.16 i love you Mom Mom You were tough, we didn't always agree, and sometimes you made me cry. But you prayed for me every day. You forgave me in your own way. You fueled my faith in things unseen. You never lost your passion or your zest for life, even on your last day here on Earth.

10.12 i love you food because you are in my belly

10.12 i love you Kim Always have...

10.11 i love you emma you are a really sweet girl. don't ever change!

10.10 i love you vlad you are the best

10.09 i love you Tim Hanson you're the one person who can mak me laugh even when i cry - and make me laugh until I cry!

10.08 i love you Elaine you are my only one

10.05 i love you Manuel Thank you for coming all the way up to Iowa to pgatohroph my engagement photos. I absolutely love them and am having a difficult time deciding which ones I am going to have on my wall. You did a great job and I can't wait for the wedding photos. Thanks again!

10.01 i love you Karishma because: - you are fascinating. - you are amusing - you are so simple yet elegant - you look innocent yet clever - you make people wonder and ponder - you make people imagine beautiful - feels like you have power to make people better - feels like words will be never enough

10.01 i love you Gina you are the world's greatest mom.

09.28 i love you Noori because your kind and fun to be around and because your the most brilliant man I know.

09.26 i love you Debbie because you are a great mom.

09.26 i love you Sponge Bob For all the laughs you've give my little babies.

09.26 i love you Robin because you're too strong for this foolishness.

09.26 i love you Matthew You are the first thing I think about when I wake up and last thought in my mind before bed... and that will NEVER change.

09.25 i love you Oreo You were the greatest dog a family could love. :'(

09.24 i love you Nicky Love is irrational.

09.24 i love you Cynthia Because you're the only person who smiles when I talk.

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