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09.21 i love you God although I take you for granted, you saved me from myself. I love you.

09.18 i love you Kevin Because there's a little bit of me inside you.

09.17 i love you Seri Because you love me too.

09.17 i love you Dad You're the best man I know! So generous with your time and heart. You're just the greatest!

09.17 i love you Fufu Because i have no one else to say "i love you" to. Even in Douban. Hhhhhhhhh. Mua.

09.17 i love you Joel I even put this on a website for you 'cause I love you so much. Even if you do support Swindon, I still love you.<3

09.12 i love you Michael You brought light to my day and strength to my insecurities. Although we may no longer be together, I still love you the same way I did a year ago and wish you the best.

09.12 i love you Elena jones because you're sure of who you are, more sure than anyone I know

09.12 i love you Vail Gabrielle You are a beautiful strong woman who can do and endure anything.

09.10 i love you Gail you are the love of my life. Our marriage will be the best thing that happened to me, other than the time when i met you.

09.05 i love you Darci You love me, too.

09.04 i love you Ammon You are awesome!

09.03 i love you Sticky That saves me. Thanks for being so sneislbe!

09.03 i love you Mom You are always there for me!

09.03 i love you Angel Because you are so sweet and fun to talk to too and fun to look stare at. lol

09.03 i love you Kristy you make me laugh

09.03 i love you Darren it's been years and there's only ever been one person in my heart - that's you. thank you so much for just being there; we don't need to talk everyday but just knowing that you'll be here if i ever need you is the biggest comfort ever. i wish i could tell you how i felt but it's been 7 years and i don't expect reciprocation, i honestly don't. i won't be surprised if you move on, but if you somehow stumble upon this just know that i've always loved you.

09.03 i love you Sriyono This is the only time of the year that I wish I had a job where I get to put down work when I am on vacation. Taking a long wenkeed never helps me, the same work always has to get finished. But you can't beat thanksgiving or this job so I guess I can't complain. I sure do like to whine though. :)

09.03 i love you Arina It's a pleasure to find such rtiaonailty in an answer. Welcome to the debate.

09.03 i love you mom because the depths of your patience astound me and despite everything, you love that I am your daughter

09.03 i love you Rusty I read your post and wshied I'd written it

09.03 i love you Victoria A perfect reply! Thanks for tankig the trouble.

09.03 i love you Shane Your bravery, honesty, and genius is a true inspiration.

09.03 i love you Flyn You rock my world

09.03 i love you Leizl You make me smile. =)

09.03 i love you Face In The Mirror because in order to love others, I must love you first.

09.03 i love you Sharon You make me laugh till i cry and then wanna pee my pants

09.03 i love you Brooke because you are the sweetest most wonderful person and I never get to tell you, but I'm so glad I have you in my life! You brighten up everyone's day, and the world (especially troupe 3689) would not be the same without you!!

09.03 i love you jenna you're so genuine and fun and honest and aaaah ogjldflkjh;sa. <3 :)

08.26 i love you Jer because you always give me a courtesy laugh at my dumb jokes and you make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world!

08.24 i love you Liz You are the love of my life and the mother of my child

08.22 i love you Brettany I always feel at home when we are together.

08.22 i love you world because you are such a wonderful place. You remind me how to smile and love myself and everyone else. You are beautiful in the sun, and beautiful in the starlight.

08.22 i love you Cody You got a great haircut and gave me the leftover hair.

08.20 i love you Big Bear You are a jazzy lumberjack on the outside, a melted pocket gummy bear on the inside. Thanks for existing.

08.20 i love you Becky Because you know me better then anyone. And without you i would be incomplete and lost.

08.20 i love you bertha because you take all the time in the world to make sure I am okay.

08.20 i love you Juju because you turn into a pirate when you fall asleep.

08.20 i love you Baby You tuck me in and make me ba-ba's and get treats for kitten...and because you're sweet (when you want to be)....;-)

08.16 i love you Mark You always show how much you care.

08.09 i love you kadybug because you are fun and funny and wise and joyous and thoughtful and compassionate and helpful and beautiful inside and out

08.09 i love you Jared you are a happy cliche whom transforms my life into the most heart felt rom com ever.

08.09 i love you Humanity because given the opportunity you open your hearts to strangers

08.08 i love you Mandy and Harriett You make me feel like the Father I want to be.

08.08 i love you Grace Your face smells like watermelon when you sleep. Only when you sleep.

08.08 i love you Clancy Because for the last 24-plus years you have been teaching me how to love unconditionally. PS: Everything really is going to be all right. I promise.

08.08 i love you E you're amazing

08.06 i love you sam because dftba

08.03 i love you Cabe I know you won't ever see this, but you really mean a lot to me and I will never forget you, even though you do live far away now. I think I'm in love with you. I just wish you would give me a sign that you feel the same.

08.03 i love you My Angel I couldn't say it then. And I can only scream it now.

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