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It’s never been a secret that I’m basically a mirror image of my mother. That we share more than just our angular features and burst-out laughter. but what’s surprised me most.. is that I found this incredible person to share my life with.. who also happens to share some of my father’s best traits. The ones that don’t drive me bananas. But rather the ones I find endearing. Which, to be honest, I didn’t even know existed.

Is it cliche? Perhaps. does it work? Absolutely.

My mom and I are mediators, peacemakers. We like to care for others, feel needed, and get chatty when drinking wine. Occasionally I find myself micro-managing the lives of others. Or getting overly anxious about things that really don’t matter. And I have to reel in that influence. My father and my beau are principled. They believe “this is me.. take it or leave it” and are unlikely to alter themselves for others. They love the south, history, and a really good bloody mary, cigar, or bourbon. Or perhaps some combination of the three. Though my beau does all of this in a more acceptable way than my dad. And is far more sociable. And I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love him instantly.

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I’d never thought about how I may me similar to my son, I even called on the help of my wife to try to come up with something!  The conclusion we came to was that Oliver is SO similar to his mother both in temperament and looks that it doesn’t leave much for him to be like me (our youngest son, Charlie, however is just like me in every way)!

Oliver does have a penchant for Lego which I loved as a kid and also he coughs in a similar was to me, my dad and his late father!  He seems to be doing well at school (although aged 5 it’s still early days) which both my wife and I did – we hope this continues.


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With regards to my son Wayne and grand-daughter Emmy, the similarities are endless, I love to watch them together, she is a very hands on little girl.  For instance when she had a new bike he had to put the pedals and saddle on, she is there watching intently their heads almost touching as she is so close and handing him the tools! As for characteristics  I hope she will inherit his independence and strong will (it seems as though she has), although I hope she leaves out the temper!

As for seeing myself in her, she is like a mini me, she has always copied everything I do. She is now 5 ½  and already knows how to cook, a big thing in our house, she gets the scales out, puts the weights on and away she goes. I think it is the end she likes best: LICKING THE BOWL.

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Poor child she looks exactly like her mum and can’t deny me. She is also the same extrovert personality, you never forget either of us. And we argue a lot being so similar. I hope she inherits my work ethic, she is certainly the only teenager I know who can get up in the morning.