the wedding

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from Julie: I would like to think that I inherited my Mom’s sense of caring. I inherited my Dad’s ability to see things through. I definitely inherited both of their anxieties! Most importantly, I gained never-ending silliness. I love the goofiness in Austin, the same as I see in my parents. Also, the ability to take on any task/project and do it incredibly well, which is a trait my Dad has as well.

I truly value Austin’s love for family and closeness (and snuggling), as it is number 1 to me and my folks too.

from Austin: Without a doubt, I think Julie and I share complimentary versions of my mother’s sardonic, often twisted sense of humor, and with it, the carefree attitude towards others’ perception of what we find amusing.  I (like to think I) have my father’s obstinate habit to put the needs of others before his own.  Julie and my father are both gifted in staying clear of distraction and true to their path of all matters at hand.

All of six of us suffer from the same calamity of needing to have the last word.


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a moveable feast

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a new font

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in shadows

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I’ve always thought that I resembled more to my father than to my mother. Nobody ever said to us that we’re looking alike each other. Yet when I saw this picture I told to myself I could easily take one of the same kind again. And the result is amazing, we’re like twins ! We’re not especially the best friends in life, however we love each other above all things in the world, my mother is a really important person in my life. I’m glad – proud – to look a bit like her.

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