what dad “nose”

When I look back at my relationship with my father I realize that I spent 20 years trying not to be him and the last 11 trying to emulate him.  Becoming a father has made me find his patience and I have come to realize the magnitude of what it means to be a father.  I always thought when I was younger that he was more close-minded that I would have liked him to be, but as I have grown I realized that it was just a misconception.  My father is an ordained minister, although he hasn’t been a preacher for some time.  I always had this image of him in my mind as being very old fashioned and super-conservative.  When I moved out to go to college, like so many college students my age, I decided to get a tattoo, or three.  I hid the fact that I was inked for as long as I could.  When he finally found out he reaction was more like an “Oh, ok” rather than the blow up and lecture I had been expecting.  It made me realize that being a strict father doesn’t mean that you’re not a tolerant and accepting father.

September 1, 2010


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