Recently, my mom told me she struggled her whole life with people thinking she wasn’t as smart as her sister. But she is. She is a whole lot more fun, non-judgmental, and artistic. She sees things in this way that I aspire to but don’t know if I ever will. She says I’m more like my dad, in looks and personality, although he denies that I look like him. He says I look more like my mom’s side of the family, but with extra body weight from his side. Nice, hmm? I guess I get a mean streak from my dad. If I’m frustrated with my mom sometimes I say things in a negative way and she says I sound just like him. He never says I’m like her! I wonder if he ever thinks it.

She hates when I talk negatively about things.
She’s all about positive energy.

September 16, 2010


2 Responses to “mom!”

  1. Beautiful, interesting ladies! I’m so glad the one on the left made the one on the right. How neat!


  2. katytron

    My Dad denies looking anything like me as well! Even though I really do look like him, a lot.

    Both you & your mum look like you’re fun to hang out with :)


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