hair flip

My son’s father is asian so, when I was pregnant, I spend a lot of time thinking about what my baby’ll look like… Asian? Caucasian? Tanned skin? Slanting eyes? Golden hair? There was a lot of mystery and I really loved that!
When he was born, he was quite the same as his father with dark hair, slanting eyes and this pretty nose which everbody has in my darling’s family… but he had my face expressions, my smile…As he grows up, people said that he looks like me more and more, and when I’m looking at pictures like this, I can really see a part of me me in his face.
As he grows up, I can already see that he has something of me in his personality : he’s very shy like his father, but also very curious like me… as me, I like seeing, knowing, understanding everything around him…It could seem silly because his personality has probably nothing to deal with genetic and hereditary feature, but I’m proud of it!
And when I see this two pictures, I’m even more proud, because that beautiful baby is our, because we made him with love, because he’s the perfect blend of our two faces, personalities, lives, stories, past, cultures, colors … and I hope that he’ll be proud of it on the future!

September 14, 2010


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