around my neck

My dad died at a young age, when I was 18, so it’s hard to tell whether I was like him at the time the picture of him was taken. He was 33 at the time of the picture. My picture was recently taken; I’m 47.

He’s carrying a Roleiflex camera, a exposure meter and a leather case for the camera. I tried to copy this with my Nikon camera, a gps and my camera bag. We both share the love for gadgets. My father had a very good photo camera (Roleiflex) and had great pocket calculators (HP) that were different from the Texas Instruments everyone had at that time. I’m sure he would’ve had a Mac, if he would’ve lived in the times computers would become common. (Well at least my mom’s second computer, in the mid ’80 s, was a Mac) And he surely would’ve bought a gps, like the one around my neck in my photo.

My dad was a professor in physics at the university of Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Although my parents would’ve liked me to become something like a physicist or a computer programmer, I studied applied linguistics and became a teacher (Dutch as a second language). Still there is a similarity since my father taught students at the university. And eventually, after having worked at several places, I am employed at the university of Nijmegen as well at the department of e-learning.

And last but not least, we both share the love for photography. My dad was a great amateur photographer who printed his own photo’s. My dad taught me the essentials and I’ve used his darkroom and camera’s for a long time.

October 14, 2010


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  1. I love it! My husband had the same love of gadgets that his dad did as well, he even went as his dad for Halloween the year after he passed away. I think you definitely succeeded here :D


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