a coat with pockets

It’s never been a secret that I’m basically a mirror image of my mother. That we share more than just our angular features and burst-out laughter. but what’s surprised me most.. is that I found this incredible person to share my life with.. who also happens to share some of my father’s best traits. The ones that don’t drive me bananas. But rather the ones I find endearing. Which, to be honest, I didn’t even know existed.

Is it cliche? Perhaps. does it work? Absolutely.

My mom and I are mediators, peacemakers. We like to care for others, feel needed, and get chatty when drinking wine. Occasionally I find myself micro-managing the lives of others. Or getting overly anxious about things that really don’t matter. And I have to reel in that influence. My father and my beau are principled. They believe “this is me.. take it or leave it” and are unlikely to alter themselves for others. They love the south, history, and a really good bloody mary, cigar, or bourbon. Or perhaps some combination of the three. Though my beau does all of this in a more acceptable way than my dad. And is far more sociable. And I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love him instantly.

November 18, 2010


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