arms up!

My daughter doesn’t look a lot like me she looks a lot like her dad but whenever she is mad, sad or happy all her emotions play all over her face and she looks exactly the same as me. People who say we are not alike at all – kinda freak out and go “oh my god, she is the spitting image of you right now!”

She is a tough cookie who is fearless, brave and very very independent – even at three you can’t miss it in her. We were both born quite early, her a few weeks, me a few months, and we live life the same way impatient and ready to take it on.

She hates going to bed and eating her dinner – both traits of mine at her age which drive me insane, her grandfather says its parents revenge that I have to put up with the same trouble that they did with me.

We both love the old guy on the slide to bits. He might be Dad to me and Poppie to her be we reckon he is the best. He is a kind, calm, hard working and generous man. I hope she inherits this from him, as I did,  being a positive, glass is half full person in tough times is a great inspiration to all around you.

December 14, 2010


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