how to look at babies

My mother and I, despite our striking similarities, are polar opposites. We are the same in one aspect though: we want the best for our children. My mother didn’t do so great at achieving the best for us. Because of that, I have even more drive to give mine the best in life. One thing I learned, though, is that even if you are broke, if your child knows you love them, they will be happy. My mother got so wrapped up in the pain of our past, letting it depress her and make her anxious, that I think somewhere along the way she forgot how to just love; how to just accept us for who we were and who we wanted to be. I don’t want that for my son. I want him, above all things, to be happy and to feel loved and accepted. If that’s all I can give him, I will be perfectly happy with my contribution.


May 24, 2011


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