the face

My daughter is the singular most awesome 4-year-old ever. When her dad and I were going through a divorce, we took her to a couple of sessions of therapy to make sure she was doing okay. After one session the therapist said she is extremely intelligent, is headstrong, likes to do things her own way, and even if she’s told to do something a certain way, she won’t do it if it doesn’t make sense to her. My Ex looked at me and said, “Hm. That sounds familiar.” I said, “Sorry!” ¬†She’s also funny as hell, and I’ve been told I can be pretty clever. And she likes to sing as loud as she can in the car, just like her mom.

We could not be more different in how girly she is. I don’t like to wear much makeup, I prefer t-shirts, jeans, and my brown chucks. I wear simple hoop earrings and a Snoopy watch she gave me. I can fix a toilet and spackle like a mofo. She likes to put on makeup with Grandma, she wears high heels, sparkly play skirts (shirt optional), 10 rings, 7 bracelets, and a pink feather boa. The only pretend games she plays must involve her being a princess somehow.

I hope she inherits my fierce independence, but I hope she asks for help and trusts people more. I hope she is more socially comfortable, accessible emotionally, and a better driver. I am very conscious of religions she is being exposed to and I try to steer her away from them. I want her to hold on to her light-heartedness, kindness, and her willingness to try new foods. My life’s work is to keep her from ending up with a guy like her dad. You might not want to add that last part anywhere, I’m just keepin’ it real.


June 24, 2011


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  1. Mk

    Total photoshop job.


  2. ingrid

    thanks for keeping it real. i hope she is all that, and more. i suspect she will be…


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