proud papas

These awards were given to the top 100 academically ranked high school students every year at two of our local high schools.  My parents have these two photos displayed together in a frame and I love how they complement each other.  My Grandpa died before I was born so I never got the chance to meet this wonderful man; but I feel this photo shows how proud he was of his children, and I think, of how proud he would have been of his grandchildren and his son for raising us with our Mom.  My Dad looks equally proud of my sister and I.  My sister and my Dad are nearly the same age with their awards, my sister a freshman and my Dad a sophomore.  You can see how much they look alike, same nose, same thin build.

I don’t look like my Dad as much as my sister, but I act like him the most.  We’re both perfectionists, gardeners, detailed story tellers (we recount events in chronological order with every detail accounted for… I don’t know how to follow or tell a story any other way) and can be very sarcastic!


July 7, 2011


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